Shuo Hong offers metal manufacturing a wide range of product solutions to meet the needs of various industries. which includes, automotive components, forging, casting, Mechanical Manufacturing Service, else.

Equipped with the rich experiences, technology, and resources of production of standard products, the OEM business grows rapidly throughout these years.

Whatever your requirements, our expertise and experience in utilizing manufacturing processes, materials and product design ensure that you will receive a fully optimized part at the best price. We have developed numerous parts for OEM and aftermarket customers.

With the combination of our capability, we are able to provide customers with the product total solution in many different industries. Our superior team will get sufficient understanding of your needs, analyze and integrate the resources, develop the product in your design and manufacture for you. We are the partner that you can trust.

We know what you need, and we make what you want.

We would like to present the best products Made in Taiwan all to over the world. We believe we are able to bring opportunities for each other. Shuo Hong International is your most reliable partner. Shuo Hong is able to provide one stop shopping service for Forging , Casting and Mechanical Manufacturing Service.