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Our Products


We are able to supply parts made by Aluminum Forging and Steel Forging. For Steel, we covered Cold Forging, Cold Heading , Cold Extrusion , Hot Forging and Combination Forging. No matter what kinds of requirements in Forging, we are able to achieve them.


Our custom casting services included die casting, gravity die casting (permanent mold), investment casting (lost wax), and sand casting.

With more than 20 years of industry experience, you can depend on our casted product manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of the automotive, mechanism, electrical, kitchenware, industrial, appliance and aerospace industries, worldwide. We are committed to pursuing the latest industry technologies and resources to meet your custom casting needs.

Mechanical Manufacturing Service

Specialized in manufacturing machined parts, turned parts, milled parts. We can serve you from simple part that requires general manually machining devices to precision parts and prototype that require.

We have high precision five axes milling, CNC turning, wire EDM and surface grinding. The dimensional accuracy of parts are all inspected and verified with our measuring facilities.

We have serves with customized integration services as anodizing, polishing, plating, black, heat treatment, chromate, phosphate, coating and other surface treatment. It depends on different products to offer best reliant solution.

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